The Mangala Marine Exim India Pvt. Ltd.
A born leader has the capacity to create or catch vision. If the joy of accomplishment is all what leadership is about, Late Sri. M. V. Ramachandra Bhat, the helmsman of the Mangala Group had it in plenty.

In 1967, a raw young man with nothing to back him up except a decade of service with India Sea Foods, waded courageously into the deep waters of Seafood Industry. Eighteen years of a joint venture under the banner of Paragon Industries had given him a mental toughness that made him realize the importance and challenge of being on his own. A constructive spirit of discontent had made the potential leader want to taste the thrill of risk by facing the challenge.
In the last 35 years, the Group has received many performance and excellence awards. For the last three consecutive years, the Group bagged the Best Performance Award for marine exports from State Bank of India, OB, Cochin. The Group has also been honoured by the Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry for excellence in marine products’ exports for the last three consecutive years. 
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